Debt Free - Pay Off your Debt With Debt Snowball Method App Reviews

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Very useful app.

I like this app. Its a great way to organize your debts.

Awesome app

This is wonderful

Its really awesome

I love that I can see what debts I have clearly and its very simple

Great app

The initial setup is easy. I would have given it 5 Stars but Im still in Debt which is my fault

Great App

Loves that it does the snow ball method other method as well. It has total debts and dates to being debt free.

Helpful, but not complete

It is a good start to debt management, but why cant I sort by highest interest. It is the best way to reduce interest by paying by highest interest first. I can choose it as my method, but wont allow me to see which to pay off first. It should also tell me what to pay on each debt.

Confusing App

I bought this app to help me understand the effect of extra payments on my debt. The app is unnecessarily complicated. The data entry is confusing. Hard to understand. The interface is basic. Do not recommend.

Excellent app!!!

Easy to use. Shows how the debt will be eliminated. Setups payments for upcoming months! Doesnt calculate 100% correct but I am okay with that. Little tweaks needed here and there but overall a great tool to becoming debt free!!!

Would be 5 stars but....

I was really excited when I got this app because of the great reviews. Initially I entered in the amount of my debt and interest rates and I played with the feature that shows what method you use to pay down your debt and how it affects your pay off time in the interest saved. Exciting! However, when I went to enter the due dates (its currently the middle of the month) it wouldnt allow me to do anything except select a date between 1-28. There is no month function. If you are in August and that specific date hasnt occurred yet it defaults to August and theres no way to change it. I have no bills due in August. Im paid out in a way where theyre due in September and October. Now Im trying to figure out what alarms to set in my calendar so I will be *able* to put in a correct due date and alter my balances. Unnecessary work and stress. This should be a straight forward and easy fix.

It Works Great!

I have already paid 55% of my debt in one year with the simple tools and strategies in this powerful app. Thank you!

Good but could be better

I like what this app offers. I would like it even more if we could have payment due options such as bi-weekly or semi-monthly.

Great app

Its s cool app to use but it just needs an option to pay weekly, biweekly and etc. so I can see when my debt is paid off In that timeframe versus monthly time frames only.

Well worth purchasing!

Well worth the price!

Wonderful Visual

It took me awhile to figure out, and even longer to sit down and put in the info, but it was so worth the effort. Now I have a great plan written down in dimple to follow steps to reach my goal of being debt free before the New Year comes. Its the same money that I spend every month, but targeted and purposeful. Amazing.

Debt Free

Really loved the app at the beginning, but it wasnt long before it stopped working. It was stuck loading. I can enter payments, but it no longer calculates them. Tried erasing the app and downloading it again, but problem appeared again almost immediately. I wrote to them, but have yet to hear back. Its a shame because I really liked it when it was working.

Love it!

This has been really helpful to me....have paid off most of my collections and raised my credit score over 100 points. My only "negative" would be that it would be great if it recognized payments already made for the month once they are entered.

Very good app

I want to give this 5 stars but I have an issue with if you make your monthly payment early it does not advance the next due date. I make my payments when I get paid and thankfully that is before the due dates. It is very helpful in letting me know how much I owe and that I am making slow but sure progress. Will continue to use it, I am seeing the debt go down. Which in the long run is what I wanted the app for to get out of debt

One of the best if no the best

Very handy especially if you want to keep your bill and payment tracking. Easy to use and read this is a must have app.

Great App!

I really love this app. Its simple and easy to use and is helping me get out of debt. I love that it gives you a time frame on when you will be debt free. Great app!

Simple way to see where you stand.

If the app would automatically deduct scheduled payments I would give it 5 stars.

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