Debt Free - Pay Off your Debt App Reviews

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Good Start

Great App, Love the simplicity of it and how it works. My only complaint would be the frequency in payments as some of mine are bi-weekly. Hopefully there will be an update in the future that fixes this because it is a very decent app.

Phenomenal application!

If you owe debt, buy this app! It is very helpful! Ill be able to pay off my debt a lot faster thanks to this great app.

Good app- needs a little tweaking

Great app for paying of debts and keeping tabs on payments. Some of my payments are biweekly so it would be great if we could get this built in to program.


This really is a great deal!! It keep me motivated,and am not using my credit cards as I used to. Must have app!!

Almost the Best

I wish this had weekly payments!

Its ok

Usefull app but Had it for a few months and suggested a choice of frequency method like paying every week or 2weeks, only option is monthly pmts. Still no update on that matter. Would be good to have this option to be more precise for people who pays loan more than once a month.

Very helpful

Great visibility into debt and monitoring reduction. Simple to use but provides great info at your finger tips. Easy to communicate with the developer. Love this app!

Great app, even better developer

Emailed a suggestion for the next update, and got a response that day. Very useful, and easy to use app. Thanks

Get Debt Free It Works!

absolutely love this Debt Free App it has made me understand my debt a lot better and I am on my way to being Debt Free. 99 cents for an App that has helped me understand how to save $1200.00 in interest and pay my debt off 1 1/2 years early amazing!! Apple please feature this app in a commercial people need to see this! LOVE IT 


An excellent app. It really breaks everything down and allows you to see where your money is going and how best to pay off your debt. Has had multiple updates adding more features all of which have increased the amount of information the app provides as well as a bit more functionality. If youre looking for something to help you with your debt, this is an excellent option for the price.


Easy to use, works well.

Excellent App to relieve from debt

After the upgrade in May 2011, it gave me all the options what I wanted.

Crashes a lot

Ive been using it for an hour one at it has crashed about 10 times.

Revision Required

Great app, but it does not save the adjustments in settings all the time. I find that I need to make one change, save it, then go back into settings and change another function. Also, the calculator function where you can play around with additional payments stops being accurate when you input more than $200. Can you also add the additional payment field to each individual debt so that it can be customized to that specific debt as opposed to grouping the additional payment to the entire debt total. I would give this app 5 stars if it was accurate at all times.

Ok but needs upgrade

I agree with other reviewer that says it needs a weekly/ bi-weekly option as some of my debts are paid on a bi- weekly schedule. If cant have my calculations be accurate until this becomes part of this app. My car loans and debt consolidation loan are payable bi weekly please upgrade to include this option then Id happily give this app 5*****


Really enjoy this app. It has helped me understand my debt and gave me hope that I will be debt free - and a lot sooner then I thought!

Amazingly helpful

If you have any debt (as all of us do) and are trying to clean it up, you need this app. Im going to save almost $3000.00 in interest and pay off almost 6 years sooner!! The .99 is worth it for sure!! The creator is awesome with replied to emails. I get a reply within about 5 mins. Update- I am deleting the app. I just main my final payment. $50,000 paid off. Other than car and house. I am debt free. If you want to pay off debt and you have willpower this app is great! The app will not pay off bills for you. You need to have willpower.


I love this app! I just bought a new car and this app allows me to know exactly how much money I am going to need every month and how I can pay it and my other debts off sooner!! only problem is that there is no biweekly option!! Would really appreciate an update that included a biweekly option. Would be very convenient!!

Waste of money!!

I bought this app and loved it till it asked me to update it now it wont complete the update and it been months! Cant even use it biggest waste of money ever!

Love it

I love this app, I recently purchased a house and lots of furnitures through installment, this app keep me on track with me finances and payment. Great tool

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